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You are a

 who values connection.
rec room with climbing wall.jpg

Yes, you love women, but since you have been young, you have played on teams and relished hanging out with the guys. They understand you and challenge you. Your ideal home is a place where everyone can hang and watch sports, pregame or be the after party. Your bedroom should have a sexy vibe when you bring home a woman, but the rest of your house is all masculine.


Look for furniture which can be easily moved. Nothing fragile. Manly, strong, leather, and heavy cottons. Invest in a giant TV with excellent sound system, pool table, ping pong table, card table for at least 6. Good lighting, preferably by zones. Big refrigerator - maybe two and a large freezer. Don't forget a place to work out and preferably a comfortable outdoor area by a fire. Your style can range from bright and open to dark and moody. Let's talk and get some specifics.

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