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The Best Simple Christmas Gifts to Order ASAP!

Ever since Lenny Kravitz collaborated with CB2, they have been on my radar. I first saw the Kravitz house featured on Architectural Digest. His bedroom filled with custom furniture and graphic walls were beyond intriguing. The next thing I knew, Lenny Kravitz was front page on the new CB2 catalog sitting on my doorstep. This collection has some of my favorite picks, let me know if you’d like a list of some similar pieces to fill the Rockstar shaped void in your heart if you've had trouble getting your hands on it.

Though my heart will rage on for those pieces. 2021 is almost to a close and we are nearing Christmas once again. It feels like this year flew by and for those of us still collecting our Christmas gifts... we're running out of time. This year CB2 is offering wonderful gifts for the holidays and we have picked a couple of our favorites that will make it to your front door by Christmas! These items are insured to arrive on time for Christmas if you order them by December 10th!

We can’t believe the cutoff for ordering many great holiday gifts is here already but no matter who you are searching for, we've got the picks for you!

The gift for the friend who needs some centering

Palo Santo is a calming and cleansing holy wood that has unfortunately taken a toll on the environment with its current popularity. This wood though is sustainably cultivated and can raise the vibration of any environment.

The gift for the friend that needs a little TLC

This little 4” x 8” therapy pillow can be heated or frozen to soothe any of your older or athletic friends. Well at this price, I’m buying one for everyone and using it as a ribbon decoration!

The gift for pretty much Anyone

For that friend that loves to read in the window seat or relax to Netflix, this soft, warm alpaca blanket is the perfect cozy companion

The gift for the heart of the kitchen

For the man or woman who loves to cook. This velvet apron will be a beautiful and much appreciated addition to their cooking experience.

The gift for your best dressed friend

The perfect gift for those that care about the way they look. Steamers are a wonderful way to take care of your wardrobe in much less time than using irons and ironing boards.

The gift for the ultimate host

Whether serving aged cheese or shish kebab this Ring Petrified Wood Serving Board will elevate any event.

We'll be ordering these and hope they've given you some ideas! Check back for more content in the weeks to come!

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