Your Streamlined Transformation 


Designed for those who

value their time.


Our First Session

1 Hour of your time


You've taken the quiz,

we've done an introductory call.

now we do a deep dive...

what you love that you have, who you are and what you need.

You relax.


I think....

create, muse, research.

The creative process is a messy one and one thing leads to another to something completely different in a day or two.... We will schedule our second call two weeks out

Our Second Session 

2 Hours of your time


You will receive 3 concept boards.  

This is the fun part, where we really hone in on the final design.


Our Third Session

1 Hour of your time


Final specifications processed and signed off!








Most of my clients  want me to see the project through from beginning to end. 

For those who are more hands on, samples and links will be sent out.



Install and Reveal...

You go on vacation....

When you return, your new place will be waiting for you!

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