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You are an

 who values Nature
Earthy Bedroom.jpg

You have a deep appreciation for the earth. The elements move you in a way that others might not understand. You love rocks and stone, wood, and metal. Texture and the way things are put together intrigue and calm you. Your furniture is the focal point of your space, and you love it to have character. Organic wood shapes and clay or plaster soothe you and the tactile surfaces speak to you. Leather and suede are naturals in your space and the structure of you home should have an exposed structure, open beam ceilings, lots of windows to bring nature in. 

Look for reclaimed wood, metal worked furniture, nubby textiles in cotton or wool. Bring in nature with plants, wood, bark, twigs, fur/faux fur, and water. A stone fireplace makes a spectacular focal point, but any kind of fire will warm you physically and mentally. Invest in an excellent sound system that can surround you. Architecture has a strong effect on you when it is natural and of the earth. Your Particular tastes may range from modern to rustic.

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