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You are an

 who values spirituality.
Divine room.jpg

Your inner essence is as important as your outer appearance. You appreciate simplicity, balance, and intention. Your ideal home would be filled with space. Although you have only the essentials, you choose them intentionally and they seamlessly serve you in all your needs. Age appreciates the beauty of historical items. You like to express yourself through your appearance, dance, and song. Make room to move your body and create a special place for contemplation.


You are unique. Look for natural materials - linens, cotton, hemp. Bring nature into your home with all five elements. Water, earth, wind, fire, and wood. Organic forms in furniture and accessories please you. Don't be afraid to stay grounded....floor sofas, pillows, cushions, thick rugs, faux fur... anything with texture is more appealing to you than pattern. Invest in a quality sound system and ways to bring water and fire into your environment. Collect things that have with innate power or cultural history. You look for meaning in all you have and these will help to ground you. Your design style can range between earthy to bohemian

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