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You are a

 who values simplicity.
minimalist bedroom_edited.jpg

You have very few things but the things you do have are immaculate. You see value in the simple clean lines or the textured rough surface. You don't need embellishments; you actually find them an intrusion to form and function. Empty space settles you and frames those things you cherish. Built-in storage, hidden doors, furniture as art expressing its function directly and simply, all create that simple interesting environment. Light as art, texture as art, art as a focal point. You enjoy learning about the things that move you and they bring you comfort and pride in what you have accomplished and experienced. Like your clothing, you have very simple but discerning taste. 


Look for simple, modern, geometric lighting, furniture, and structure. Express yourself through sculpture, art and form. Use materials like stone, concrete, and wood in sleek installations. Geometric patterns and strong edges make sense to you. Muted color palettes - white, beige and grey - quiet you. Texture in walls brings focus and large windows bring in the outside. Invest in an excellent sound system, and smart home that allows you to preset lighting moods and control the window coverings in your space. You tend to travel so this also allows you to control your environment when you are away. Your design style can range from calm to bold

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