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You are the


 who values a story.

 The world is your playground! From exotic travels to thrilling adventures, your home should showcase the stories and treasures of your incredible life.  You place value on history and tradition. You are educated, and know what you like. You enjoy the finer things. You research and experiment....Bourbon, cigars, cars... you try many different versions and savor the individual qualities of each. You like to be surrounded by things of depth and quality. Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. Furniture pieces with history and artisanal workmanship. Libraries, wine rooms and built-in cabinetry, all are there to give space to the things you value. You love conversation and listen intently to others so that you learn to understand them.

Look for Antique rugs, heavy draperies, decorative tapestry pillows, leather, and suede. Sconces, chandeliers in silver or gold are the highlights that surround your environment. Keep things in pairs. Symmetry relaxes you and gives you balance in your thoughts. Deep rich hues are like jewels that accent your collections. You collect things that have history, and you enjoy displaying them and sharing them with your guests. Invest in a magnetic turntable and collect vintage vinyl. If anyone can appreciate the quality of the sound, you do. Your design style can range between modern and classic traditional.

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