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You are a


 who values adventure.
kravitz bedroom_edited.jpg

To be honest, you aren't home very much unless you are sleeping in. You crave the crowd, the music, everyone moving to the same beat. You appreciate people expressing themselves and that is why art is a perfect outlet for you. Whether you dabble yourself or find things that move you. Art is a major theme in your home. If you can paint the walls with graffiti, you're all in. Your ideal home should be focused on comfort mixed with eclectic pieces. Whether it be furniture or clothes, your possessions usually have a story to tell.


Look for simple vintage furniture that is unusual. The simplicity creates a perfect backdrop of the art. The unusual means there is a story. Look for lively pieces that speak to you. The larger the better. Blackout draperies and blinds, preferable automatic. Invest in a great sound system and be sure to have a sofa or lounge that is big, comfortable, and unassuming. Your design style can range from graffiti to modernist

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