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Our archetypes are interior design under-currents. They embody and identify what an individual values in their lives, they capture a feeling and help clients narrow down what they love in a space. Whether that’s clean modern pieces or pieces with history that bring back memories. Some clients may value rich colors while other clients find they are a distraction. Everyone appreciates their environment in a unique way and our archetypes help you begin to think in that frame of mind.

* Photos are for inspiration only, not my work.

You are an Earthy Man who values Nature
Earthy Bedroom.jpg

You have a deep appreciation for the earth. The elements move you in a way that others might not understand. You love rocks and stone, wood, and metal. Texture and the way things are put together intrigue and calm you. Your furniture is the focal point of your space, and you love it to have character. Organic wood shapes and clay or plaster soothe you and the tactile surfaces speak to you. Leather and suede are naturals in your space and the structure of you home should have an exposed structure, open beam ceilings, lots of windows to bring nature in. 

Look for reclaimed wood, metal worked furniture, nubby textiles in cotton or wool. Bring in nature with plants, wood, bark, twigs, fur/faux fur, and water. A stone fireplace makes a spectacular focal point, but any kind of fire will warm you physically and mentally. Invest in an excellent sound system that can surround you. Architecture has a strong effect on you when it is natural and of the earth. Your Particular tastes may range from modern to rustic. Let's talk and get into some specifics.

You are a Man's Man who values Connection

rec room with climbing wall.jpg

Yes, you love women, but since you have been young, you have played on teams and relished hanging out with the guys. They understand you and challenge you. Your ideal home is a place where everyone can hang and watch sports, pregame or be the after party. Your bedroom should have a sexy vibe when you bring home a woman, but the rest of your house is all masculine.

Look for furniture which can be easily moved. Nothing fragile. Manly, strong, leather, and heavy cottons. Invest in a giant TV with excellent sound system, pool table, ping pong table, card table for at least 6. Good lighting, preferably by zones. Big refrigerator - maybe two and a large freezer. Don't forget a place to work out and preferably a comfortable outdoor area by a fire. Your style can range from bright and open to dark and moody. Let's talk and get some specifics.

You are a Fundamentalist who values simplicity

minimalist bedroom.jpg

You have very few things but the things you do have are immaculate. You see value in the simple clean lines or the textured rough surface. You don't need embellishments; you actually find them an intrusion to form and function. Empty space settles you and frames those things you cherish. Built-in storage, hidden doors, furniture as art expressing its function directly and simply, all create that simple interesting environment. Light as art, texture as art, art as a focal point. You enjoy learning about the things that move you and they bring you comfort and pride in what you have accomplished and experienced. Like your clothing, you have very simple but discerning taste. 

Look for simple, modern, geometric lighting, furniture, and structure. Express yourself through sculpture, art and form. Use materials like stone, concrete, and wood in sleek installations. Geometric patterns and strong edges make sense to you. Muted color palettes - white, beige and grey - quiet you. Texture in walls beings focus and large windows bring in the outside. Invest in an excellent sound system, and smart home that allows you to preset lighting moods and control the window coverings in your space. You tend to travel so this also allows you to control your environment when you are away. Your design style can range from calm to bold. Let's talk and get into some specifics.

You are a Rockstar who values Adventure

kravitz bedroom.jpg

To be honest, you aren't home very much unless you are sleeping in. You crave the crowd, the music, everyone moving to the same beat. You appreciate people expressing themselves and that is why art is a perfect outlet for you. Whether you dabble yourself or find things that move you. Art is a major theme in your home. If you can paint the walls with graffiti, your all in. Your ideal home should be focused on comfort mixed with eclectic pieces. Whether it be furniture or clothes, your possessions usually have a story to tell.

Look for simple vintage furniture that is unusual. The simplicity creates a perfect backdrop of the art. The unusual means there is a story. Look for lively pieces that speak to you. The larger the better. Blackout draperies and blinds, preferable automatic. Invest in a great sound system and be sure to have a sofa or lounge that is big, comfortable, and unassuming. Your design style can range from graffiti to modernist. Let's talk and get into some specifics.

You are The Most Interesting Man in the World who values a story


You live your life to the fullest when you are out and surround yourself with treasures from your adventures at home. You place value on history and tradition. You are educated, resourceful and know what you like. You enjoy the finer things. You research and experiment....Bourbon, cigars, cars... you try many different versions and savor the individual qualities of each. You like to be surrounded by things of depth and quality. Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. Furniture pieces with history and artisanal workmanship. Libraries, wine rooms and built-in cabinetry, all are there to give space to the things you value. You love conversation and listen intently to others so that you learn to understand them.

Look for Antique rugs, heavy draperies, decorative tapestry pillows, leather, and suede. Sconces, chandeliers in silver or gold are the highlights that surround your environment. Keep things in pairs. Symmetry relaxes you and gives you balance in your thoughts. Deep rich hues are like jewels that accent your collections. You collect things that have history, and you enjoy displaying them and sharing them with your guests. Invest in a magnetic turntable and collect vintage vinyl. If anyone can appreciate the quality of the sound, you do. Your design style can range between modern and classic traditional, let's talk and get into some specifics...

You are an Ethereal Man who values Spirituality

Divine room.jpg

Your inner essence is as important as your outer appearance. You appreciate simplicity, balance, and intention. Your ideal home would be filled with space. Although you have only the essentials, you choose them intentionally and they seamlessly serve you in all your needs. Age appreciates the beauty of historical items. You like to express yourself through your appearance, dance, and song. Make room to move your body and create a special place for contemplation. You are unique.

Look for natural materials - linens, cotton, hemp. Bring nature into your home with all five elements. Water, earth, wind, fire, and wood. Organic forms in furniture and accessories please you. Don't be afraid to stay grounded....floor sofas, pillows, cushions, thick rugs, faux fur... anything with texture is more appealing to you than pattern. Invest in a quality sound system and ways to bring water and fire into your environment. Collect things that have with innate power or cultural history. You look for meaning in all you have and these will help to ground you. Your design style can range between earthy to bohemian. Let's talk and get into some specifics...

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