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You're successful, you're busy and you want your home to reflect your character but the last thing you want to do is shop for furniture.

Your home has the power to rejuvenate you, It takes care of you and your possessions and it speaks to you the minute you walk in the door.  


Your home is the place that you return to after a long day, where you entertain your friends and it represents your true nature to anyone you share it with.



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Carolyn Tracy

CEO & Founder

Carolyn utilizes her 30+ years of Interior Design experience to transform her client's spaces into a unique, sexy reflection of them. She molds environments to reflect her client's personal vision, their prized possessions, dreams, and goals. She uses a little bit of intuition and a lot of research. 

She is constantly looking for new inspiration and resources, scouring Los Angeles for the most unique local resources, artisans and contractors, She finds her collaboration with these resources to be the cornerstones of her practice. 

Her Expertise includes: Architectural Consulting, Furniture Resourcing, Soul Based Design, Custom Built-ins, Custom Kitchens and Baths, Custom Furniture, Lighting, Smart Home Technology, Window Coverings, Collections, and Natural Environments